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B.M.C., as a manufacturer of mudguards and accessories for commercial vehicles, has been present for many years on the market with high quality products, meeting with success both in Italy and abroad.

The experience aquired in the field over years allowed them to manufacture mudguards in galvanised sheet plate and rubber or in stainless steel and rubber, and to design a new series of mudguards in thermo-plastic, called FLEX. PAR.

The mudguards are injection made, using state-of-the-art technology and purposely-designed materials ensuring top quality products.

The special features, easy assembly and actual resistance to ageing guarantee high results and allow going beyond traditional mudguards.

Besides, using the same technologies, the company B.M.C. produces tool boxes ,fire extinguisher boxes and antisprincle-antispray that are used by the most famous marks that operate in the sector of
the industrial vehicles.

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