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parafango termoplastico
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parafango termoplastico parafango termoplastico  

All our thermoplastic mudguards are made through injection moulding using polypropylene, a high quality material that provides to the products resistance to crashes and high/low temperatures.
All our mudguards are black (but we can manufacture mudguards with other colours under request).

Wide range of measures
Our offer of thermoplastic mudguards includes a wide range of measures (see the table below).

Registered trademark flex.par
All our thermoplastic mudguards are marked with our registered trademark flex.par.
100% Recyclable
Plastic mudguards are environment friendly. Polypropylene is 100% recyclable.

Measures (LxOxW)
800 X 650
800 x 450
700 x 650
700 x 500
700 x 450
650 x 650
O=opening, W=width
Key words : thermoplastic mudguards, polypropylene products, industrial vehicles equipment
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